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Monday, June 11, 2012

After party


I had my "family" in Japan over for a home party yesterday. We shared lots of food, laugh and ideas. As usual I am happy but exhausted. In fact I was so tired that after cleaning up this morning, I did nothing but laze around and catch up on the Internet. Plus the hubby was nice enough to take us out for some sushi so I practically did not do much all day. 

I am wearing the same outfit two days in a row (for the party and to go out today) because it is so comfy and colorful.

Scarf - Walmart
Kaftan - Langkawi Mall
Pants - Thrifted
Shoes - 9.99 shoe stores in Harwin
Accessories - bought (Vivre Yokohama), gifted and thrifted 

I really need to learn how to pose. I have no idea what is my best angle and how to play with the light. I am very clumsy when it comes to striking a pose that will highlight the clothes but also show my best features. All the hours spent watching ANTM were a waste! Tyra would be disappointed. 

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GFS said...

Love caftans!!! And I hate posing for pics too lol!

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