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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Channeling Beyonce (or at least trying...) among other things

I was fooling around today, trying to recreate celebrity styles I like.  There are not many celebrities that inspire me when I dress because they are way too sexy and bold for my taste. However, I love Beyonce off style, off as in when she is not on stage or walking the red carpet. The woman knows how to do casual, without being shockingly exposed (like Rihanna).
So for today I had this outfit in mind.

 But I decided to change at the last minute because as much as I love this combo, I just did not feel like wearing it today. Then I went for this instead:

Hat - Perth Australia
Top - Gap
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Report via Ross
Bag - Daiso
Bracelet - gifted

In reality I so wanted to reproduce the same exact look as this one. But I am lacking a pink top ( I am on the hunt for a fuchsia one) and a printed maxi skirt . But no worries, I just pulled two of my faves pieces together and voila. Easy, breezy for a wonderful day at the park.

I decided to take the kids to Yamashita park at the last minute (meaning at around 2PM). We were just there on Sunday but I promised them we would go back because they discovered that there was a jungle gym inside the Happy Lawson store next to the park.

The Jungle gym inside the Happy Lawson- There is a coffee shop where parents can relax while their kids play- No obligation to purchase anything at the shop

On our way to the park, I spotted a long line in front of this recently opened restaurant Eggs'n Things.

This is just a quarter of the line

 I have been wanting to try it out because I love eggs, plus it has a Hawaiian theme. But judging from the line I will have to wait until the hype dies down to go there. I will give it a couple of months and see how it goes. Japanese are well known for lining hours to eat at a good restaurant (or be the first to buy the latest video games, or the first to check a new hot spot). But that is just not me. I do not have the patience to wait in line for anything. I would rather stay at home and make a reservation if possible. And if not, I have the patience to wait until I am the last person ever to try a new restaurant (wait comfortably at home that is). 

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