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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Easy, Breezy, Playtime


Talk about a crazy week. I cannot wait for tomorrow to come, so that I can laze around all day at home doing nothing. Life as a Mother is pretty hectic, let me tell you...

Today my sons and I were invited to a kiddie bday party. Here is what I wore

Scarf - Joa
Safari jacket - Thrifted
White tee- Shimamura
Dress - Ross
Shoes - Ross
Earrings - H&M


I wanted to be breezy today and this dress was perfect for it. I do not know about you but I can live an entire life in this kind of dress. I just wish I had many mores. They are just too easy to style. Actually the idea for the styling came to me a while ago while I was on Pinterest. But I just came around to reproduce the look now. Check the original here.

My head wrap was also an inspiration from Pinterest , check it out here


I went out of the house wearing beaded sandals but came back to change into my wedges. I am getting tired of the comfort look with flats. I need me a bit of height and these babies get the job done without killing my feet. I still cannot believe that they are so comfy.
Summer vacations have officially began today. I have to start planning playdates, trips to the zoo, to the pool and what not. I need to get my kids entertained and I need to get my butt off the couch for once. But not tomorrow. Tomorrow, my butt is glued to it no matter what.


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