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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


One thing that Japanese people enjoy doing is observing the changes of nature during the seasons. In Spring, they do Hanami to view the Cherry blossoms (Sakura), and in Fall, they enjoy Momiji or Autumn fall leaves. There are many spots around Tokyo and Yokohama to check beautiful Autumn colors ranging from the golden to the deep purple.
I did not have time to check the Momiji this year. I am always busy rushing here and there, and doing several things at the same time. I rarely take the time to just relax and enjoy nature.
However this week end I got a treat as we headed to Yunessan Hakone. Yunessan is a water park with hot springs that you can enjoy wearing a swimming suit unlike other hot springs in Japan you use naked.  The area around the water park was filled with Momiji and as we walked from our hotel to the place, we got to enjoy some Autumn colored leaves.

Here is what I wore:

Knitted hat - H&M
Coat - Thrifted
Sweater - Forever 21
Turtle neck - G.U.
Shirt - AEon
Pants - H&M
Shoes - Shimamura

For a short week end in Hakone, I decided to wear something super casual that I felt comfy in. I recently purchased this denim shirt on a impulse. I had planned to thrift a denim shirt in lighter color but at the last minute I settled for this one because of the length and the cut. This one is cut for women and long enough to camouflage all the problem areas (aka my tummy, my butt and hips). I have to say that it is growing on me and I have worn it three times already ever since I got it last week.

The coat is also one of my favorite things. It was something I thrifted during my last trip to the USA back in Spring. I was not really sold on it because it was not the kind of cape I was looking for. Yet, I ended up getting it for lack of a better option. Now, I wear it constantly. It is so comfy and warm. I have not felt this great about a coat in a while.
Finally about the shoes. If you read me in the other blog, you will know that I confessed my love for Isabel Marrant Bekket sneakers.

 I also said that I was going to get a "knock off" of these shoes at Shimamura. Well the store has finally came through and lowered the price of the shoes. I had to ask them for a bigger size and they ordered it from another location. It took a week of patience and these babies were finally mine. They are super cute and comfy. They hurt a bit on the sides but nothing that soft gels could not heal.

We spent a long day soaking in the hot springs of Yunessan, first in the indoors enjoying chocolate bath, milk bath, but also outside in the tea, coffee and apple bathes. I was so hot that at one point, I came out just to breathe in the cold crisp air. My body felt extremely relaxed and warm. It was a great feeling but by noon, I was ready to leave. At 2 PM, we left and drove around Hakone, enjoying more Momiji. Before arriving home, we ended our week end eating sushi. It was a great and short week end. We need more of this in the coming weeks.... 

Some Momiji ..

...around the hotel and...

...next to Yunessan

Funny English translation at our hotel lobby

Vending machines selling Hot french fries and grilled onigiri inside the hotel (and no I did not try it)

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