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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bracelets and Necklaces

I rarely do DIY. I see something lovely out there and I am inspired to make it. But when it comes to actually doing something, I become lazy. Or I start something and never finish. You have no idea of how many unfinished projects are left in my guest bedroom closet waiting to be done.
Recently, however, I have been truly inspired by a gift I received for my birthday. A foreign mother in Yokohama makes these beautiful bracelets that every other mother at school is wearing. I have my own version in silver, white and fuchsia. But I have been thinking about making some bracelets for myself. Furtheremore, cleaning up my accessory boxes I realized I had so much beads lying around. I ended up making some necklaces and bracelets for friends as Xmas presents. But I did not stop there. Yesterday I went to Kiwa Seisakushou, which sells all kinds of materials for making accessories in Colette Mare,Minato Mirai. I have been to that shop before and bought just little things to vamp some basic earrings. But this time I bought crystal beads, charms and such..The staff there was also very helpful telling me what wire was perfect for my beads and other things I needed to make perfect bracelets.
And since yesterday night I have been making bracelets and necklaces. I made 6 bracelets and 1 necklace. I still have some material left and probably will buy some more to keep up with the fun work. Making something is very fun and beaded bracelets are probably the easiest thing to do ever. Next on my DIY list is making a Mickey Mouse sequined tee. I saw one at H&M men that I am dying to buy but I want to try and do it mysef. Will I have the time and patience?

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