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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ice Queen

I hope you had a great Xmas week end. In Japan, Xmas is not a national holiday. They celebrate the Emperor's birthday on the 23rd instead. And since this year it fell on a Sunday, Monday was off. I had my Japan family over for a potluck party on Sunday and Monday was spent sleeping late (God, that felt good!!), eating Sushi and taking a stroll down to Yamashita park (freezing cold). On the actual Xmas day, I did not do a single thing except for cleaning my children's play area. I am not sure how it ended up having so many toys but I was exhausted at the end of the day.

Today was spent meeting with friends, enjoying the park and shopping (for my hubby's bday).
Here is what I wore:

Beret - Cial
Grey vest - Factory 2 U
Grey sweater - Thrifted
Black tee - Walmart
Mint pants - H&M
Shoes - Shimamura
Accessories - Thrifted and random 777 store in Vivre Yokohama

I finally wore my mint pants. I bought them a month ago but never dared to wear them till today. With all that talk about wanting to be fashion forward and trendy, it is hard for me to go there sometimes. I love the color and all but I do not want to match it with a white buttoned down which would be my first choice. So I reverted to this grey sweater instead. And to hide the butt, I added the grey vest. Too much? Maybe but trendy or not, I have a dress code I need to follow: never expose the butt.

Leaf ring - beautiful but not very practical

While shopping for my hubby's gift, I found an interesting sale at H&M. Browsing the rackes, I sadly realised that I was drawn to the same colors of bright orange, neon pink and fuchsia. I love those colors but I need something more sophisticated than neon pink in my wardrobe. I want some blues and greens and black and grey. When I look at my closet, I cannot find a single outfit that is green let along blue (except for denim or chambray). Have I been brainwashed into liking striking, in your face colors or what? I was even this close to buy a mustard jacket. I stopped myself only after my son said that mustard hurt his eyes and tongue. I ended up buying a blue blouse only to realise once I got home that it was purple. Still better than neon pink though!

Now, let me wish a Happy Birthday to my Love. May all your dreams come true. May this new year brings the best out of you and may GOD protects you from all kinds of evil. Amin!

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