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Monday, December 24, 2012

Little Orange Dress

Ouf! Today was the last day of school and the beginning of the Xmas holidays for the kids. No more waking up super early for weeks but then with two kids under my care 24/7 for three weeks, I might go crazy. Anyway, I had another Xmas lunch today so here is what I wore:

Beret - Cial
Coat - Thrifted
Cardigan - Uniqlo
Dress - Uniqlo
Leggings/ Pants - A'gaci
Boots - A'gaci
Accessories - H&M, Tsutsumi, gifted

Let's talk about this coat. I have been looking for a camel cape coat for a long time in Japan without any real success. Last Spring on a trip to Houston, I saw this one at a Goodwill center. I tried it on but I did not like it. However I decided to get it in the meantime until I find what I was looking for. However since the temperatures dropped, I have been wearing this thing, and now I am in love! The funny thing is when I bought it, I remember thinking that it was such a "Japanese" coat. Meaning it was not a style of cape coat I would see in the US. This cut is very popular in Japan and Asia. And what do you know, yesterday on the bus, I saw a Japanese lady wearing the same exact coat.

You can't really see the front but it is a round neck empire waist dress

Now this dress is knocker. You say LBD, I say Little Orange dress. It is just perfect amid being too short but with some leggings, I will not flash anyone. I really wish I had this dress in every color. It really is the perfect dress.

Pardon the bags under my eyes but little sleep and smudged mascara will do that to you too

I do not have much else to add but to wish you Happy Holidays! I may or may not post again before Xmas but I am sending warm wishes in case I am off. Stay safe!!!

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