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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Today was a beautiful day even though it was chilly. I do not mind the chill as long as the sun is out. I had my monthly lunch with my friend Angie. We ate at a buffet in World Porters, which I regretted because I ate way too much. I really should start dieting...
Here is what I wore:
Beret - can't remember
Coat - too old and falling apart
Infinity scarf - random Import store in Ishikawacho
Knit - Gap
Cargo pants - Shimamura
Shoes - Shimamura
Accessories - gifted and bought at random 300 yen store in World Porters


For some reasons, I decided to stack my arms today with random bracelets. One hand felt too lonely so after lunch I went to this random 300 yen store and bought another stack for the other hand. Interestingly, my arms did not feel too heavy, and the trend was not too outrageous since my coat hid half of the stacks. I am thinking I may keep on stacking my arms for a while. It is so girly and fun.

Big bracelet with charm: a gift from Hubby from Istanbul, silver ones: birthday gift and the bracelet: a gift from a friend back home

Pearls: bought at World Porters, silver bracelet: a gift from my Dad

The outfit was also put together pretty quickly this morning. I dug these pants yesterday for I have not worn them in ages and decided to keep on wearing them today. I had forgotten how comfy they were. And I added the yellow knit today because it was such a fun color. Now that I think of it, I pinned a similar outfit (but with wide legs pants in green) and look at it just yesterday. Maybe I was influenced by the pin when I pulled this look together or maybe not. Nevertheless, it may become a re run this Winter season...

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