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Thursday, March 22, 2012

And another one

Today I had another baby shower to attend. I swear I am surrounded by so many pregnant ladies that I started to wonder about having another child (watching the movie Babies did not help either). I would love a girl but just the thought of doing it all over again (the sleepless nights, the diaper changes, the lack of freedom) creeps me out. "In another life" I keep telling myself.

Anyway today was really like a Spring day so I decided to wear this:

Knit hat - H&M
World oldest coat- can't even remember where I got it
Grey open cardi - Ross
Teal top - Gap
Jeans - Thrifted
Bag - Honey
Shoes - Shimamura

I knew the baby shower would be a casual affair so I did not want to dress up. However I wanted to look nice,  meaning better than usual. I thought about wearing a skirt or a dress but decided to go for my jeans instead. See I had this picture of a blogger I discovered recently and I knew I had to wear my teal top. The poor thing has been sleeping in my closet since September waiting to be worn. It could not wait any longer.

As much as I love wearing boots, I miss my ballet flats. I wanted to wear these today. I bought them last year in March and wore them twice only. They are super comfy but the "jewels" keep falling off, thus I am not very eager to wear the shoes. I am thinking that I should replace them with another shoe clip. But today as I was walking with the shoes my oldest son told me that my shoes were singing. He was refering to the sound the "jewels" made when I was walking. I was chuckling at the sweet thing when my youngest who is learning to talk turned around and said "Nice shoes, Mommy!". Right there, they just made my day.

The shoes with the "jewels" that keep falling off

The baby shower which was a breakfast really was great. We all sat down and shared horror stories about our delivery, each story more hilarious than the previous one. We had delicious treats that all of us made. I forgot the cake I woke up at 5 AM to make, on the bus. And once I got on the bus I knew I would because I put it behind me and all the way through the ride I was chatting with another mommy friend of mine. I still have to go to the lost and found to retrieve it. The nice people there decided to put the cake in the fridge until I came to pick it up. I should probably give them a slice. What you think?

My accessories: gifted Dior bracelet and the rest I got myself but cannot remember where.

Anyway, we ate, talked and gave gifts to the Moms to be. They were sweet enough to surprise us with gifts as well, candles shaped like cakes (and they smell like it too). We discovered that baby showers were only an American thing. But I decided that it is a thing I love to attend to. I mean, sitting around and talking about babies, diapers, epidurals and baby weight all day with great ladies, what is not to love?

Anniversaire Sweets Candle Mango tart. Mine was a chocolate cupcake

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