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Sunday, May 26, 2013

DIM: Fingerprint painting on bowls

I am bored. And when I am bored, I am restless. I need to do things. I would have loved to make more jewelry, or pimp a tee shirt by adding some sequins to it. However I have not found a place where I could go and find all the materials I need for that. So in the meantime, I am doing things with materials that is easy to find.
I saw a nice little project on Pinterest a while back. A woman painted on some glasses using her fingertips. I have been dying to recreate it. So yesterday, I went to the supermarket and picked up some paint and a set of ice cream bowls. The truth is I wanted to pick those items up a while back and even did put them on my basket just to back out at the last moment. Anyway, this time, I bought them and what do you know, the set of 6 ice cream bowls was marked downed from 150 rupees to 79 rupees. The entire thing with the paint cost me like 119 rupees (a steal if you ask me).

 This morning, I went on my task. I found a fish plate that I never use to lay out the 6 colors of paints (red, blue, yellow, green, white and black). Then I lay newspapers on the table to protect it against the paint. Then using my index finger, I applied different colors of paints on the bowls. The later already had indented circles on them, so it was easy to paint dots. It does not take too much time to apply the paint on all the bowls, maybe 15 minutes. I had to redo some because the paint I put kind of dripped. I just wiped them with a tissue dipped in water. Now, I am going to dry them outside in the sun. On the label of the paint, it says that once it dries, it cannot be removed. I hope it is the case because I intend to use these bowls for ice creams or snacks.

The set of 6 colors paint

The fish plate where I mix the paint

The final look

In reality, I wished I was inspired to do one project a day, small simple projects like the one above, can keep my mind and body occupied. I can do so many things, or learn new skills. It may not translate into making money but it will stop me from going mad out of boredom.

Next project: sequined or beaded tee or something much easier and less time consuming.

PS: if you have children, it would be great to make them do fingerprint painting. My younger son is obsessed with his hand and foot prints.  I am sure he would have a blast using the paint but maybe on paper instead of glass.

PS 2: After drying the bowls, I used them and washed them. Turns out that the paint washes away with water. So as beautiful as the bowls look on picture, they are back to being glass again. I did my research on the Net, and apparently I need to buy glass paint and probably baked the final project in the oven so that the paint stays. I will do it as soon as I find a place to buy all the materials I need. That is why I hate moving, you have to start all over, in this case find a material supply store.

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