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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mixing it up!

Hello everyone
How are you all doing? Me I am fine considering that I drowning here. India is tougher that I thought but I am not going to let her drown me. I will fight back. It is just that right now, I may have lost a battle or two. I will regroup and come back with better strategies.
Anyway, another struggle for me is to find something that fit in my closet after gaining so much weight. I have to say that although I love all my clothes, I have a strong urge to just ditch them and find some new ones that fit. Anyway, today was a good day as I found something I liked and fit (kind of) in my closet. 
Here is what I wore:

Scarf - gift from my Dad
Shirt - H&M men
Tank top - can't remember
Skirt - Tailor made back home
Shoes - Ross
Bag - Random store in Harajuku
Accessories - somewhere in Japan

I have been dying to recreate this mixed print look ever since I saw it on the Stella Jean collection. Well, I did not go the crazy way and mixed prints of different colors. I am not that fashionable. I just mixed two prints that have the same color palette. It is easier on the eye and less scary. 

Mixing prints seems to be very common in here. Women wear from two to three different prints in one Kurta. It is very edgy and cute at the same time. I am not really sure that it is for me but I am willing to try it out.

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