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Item Numbers

Do you know what an item number is? Well if you watch Bollywood movies you may have an idea. If not, let me try and explain. Item numbers are sexy (often raunchy) songs danced by a sexy Bollywood actress in the middle of a Bollywood movie. We all know that in Bollywood movies, actors often break into singing super long songs for no reasons, there is the hero (or heroin) song, the love song and then the item song. Usually the later does not have anything to do with the plot of the movie. It is often a scene from a night club or a gentlemen's club (not to say strip club) where a girl with doubtful reputation sings and dances for the hero or bad guy.  
I have been hooked on item songs recently after watching Dabangg, a funny cop movie. They had a very upbeat item number that got stuck in my head. Now, I enjoy my fair share of Bollywood songs but there is something different about items songs. For one they make the perfect workout song as they are often fast and high tempo. The moves in the song are also very sexy and involve using a lot of hips, thighs, breasts and belly. Think a mixture between belly dance and zumba. Needless to say that after dancing to one of these songs, you get a full workout (they are very long: 5 minutes).
The other thing that I like about the songs is that the video is very colorful. From the outfits to the sets, everything is designed to be appealing to the viewer. Usually the actress who performs the song is wearing a belly bearing tight blouse and a Lehenga or sari in colorful fabric often upgraded with sequins and beads. In one song, she often changes outfit two to three times.  It makes for a rather enjoyable sight.
Finally item songs are sexy, and even though I am not a man, I enjoy watching women swing their hips and show their curves.  It gives me ideas on how to become sexy myself. They give me a goal to go out and try and obtain such a body and the confidence that goes with it. They are an inspiration.
Nevertheless item numbers have been very controversial recently after the wake of the Delhi gang rape. Some say that they incite men to rape women and they want something to be done about it from now on (either censor the lyrics or not have them at all). I think that they are wrong. Men may masturbate after seeing Katrina Kaif perform Sheila Ki Jewani but I doubt they will go on and rape the first woman they see. Watching a raunchy video has never pushed anyone to go rape. If that was the case, we will have millions of rape cases around the world and stars like Beyonce, Rihanna to name a few will be solely responsible. Rape is never about sex (or lust) but rather about power and abuse. Men who rape do not have a strong sexual urge, but rather want to dominate a woman by forcing themselves on her. I may be wrong because I am no expert but I think that censoring item numbers is not the solution to the problem. Educating people about sex, about what is right and wrong and implementing strong punishments for the perpetrators is key.
Now how this post turn from item numbers to giving solutions for rapes in India, I have no idea, but here I leave you with my favorite item number at the moment:
Munni Badnaam Hui. Tell me what you think?
If you want to take a look at more Item numbers, here is a list of my fave:
Fevicol se
Chikni Chameli
Are Pritam Pyare (loooooovvve the outfits)
Chamak Challo
All can be found on Youtube. Enjoy!


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