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Monday, March 14, 2011

Earthquake gear

An earthquake just hit Japan. It was and is still devastating. I do not know how many people died because the death toll is rising. The images on the TV are scary and depressing. And it is not over yet: there is a nuclear power plant that is in danger of exploding.

I am safe, and my family and friends as well. It is such a blessing that nothing happened to us. The earthquake made me realized how unprepared I was. I do not even own an emergency bag containing all the things I need to survive in case I was to evacuate. However, I made my research and this is what I found out.

- Food (non perishable and dry food)
- First aid kit
- Important documents (or a copy)
- Warm clothes or rain gear, strong sneakers
- Blanket
- Work gloves
- Duct tapes and tools
- Flashlight
- Radio
- toiletries (tooth brush, paste, soap)
- Household liquid bleach or purifying tablets to purify water

I know this will make the bag super heavy but these items are really needed once you evacuate. It is not known if you will find a shelter or be saved. So it is good to be prepared.

When reading another blogger, I discovered that she likes to ask her other blogger friends this "funny" question: There is a fire. You have two minutes to grab three favorite items out of your closet. What do you grab?

I always imagined myself in case of a fire, what item would I love to save. But I never came up with an answer. However, after the earthquake, I was thinking that I would like to wear my grey hoodie sweater and grey sweat pants, fake UGG boots ( that I use to sleep) in case I needed to evacuate after another earthquake. They are the comfiest and warmest clothes I own. If I was to live in a shelter for days, I would like to stay comfy and warm, and I could not think of any other items in my closet that would do the trick.

I am praying that the nuclear plant will not explode and that we will get back to normal life pretty soon...

For more info about earthquake emergency kit:

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