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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tokyo Girls Collection

In the fashion world, there something much anticipated by designers, buyers, celebrities and fashionistas. It is Fashion Week.
Japan is no different. There is a Tokyo fashion week. However, there is something quite similar to Fashion week, yet very different that started in 2005. It is Tokyo Girls Collection.

TGC is a bi-annual 5 hour fashion carnival taking place in an arena which can hold 15.000 people. Japanese models showcase collections for Japanese (and sometime foreign) trendy brands, and on top of that there is also entertainment from Japanese and Korean pop artists. However what makes the show interesting -aside from the fact that only affordable brands are displayed- is that spectators can purchase any item they see on the runway on the spot. By using their mobile phone, they log on to the show site and buy the item of their choosing. 

TGC has grown so popular that only well known Japanese models (/actors/singers) can appear. It is also a way for a new brand to make a name for itself.

                         Model, award winning actor, singer and scandal prone Sawajiri 
                                Erika guest appearing during TGC in Saitama

Although I am not a fan of Japanese brands, I find the concept of TGC very innovative. Compared to Fashion week, it seems much more accessible to the common people. No need to be Paris Hilton or Anna Wintour to get in. Just pay the ticket (between 5 and 7000 yen). It is certainly more crowded and less VIP, but imagine 5 hours of fashion and music? It must be more entertaining than a Rihana and Lady Gaga concert combined.

For more info, go to

and check their youtube channel for videos of the show

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