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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Days off

Hello everyone!

  So have you all settled back in your routine after weeks of celebrating?

I just came back from three weeks holiday from my home town Dakar. And between the long trip ( 13 hours plane, 7 hours lay over, 4 hours by car), the jet lag, unpacking, and cleaning the mess that was my place, I am still lost. I think that I need another week for things to be back to normal.

As a new year comes, we are pressured into making resolutions that most of us will forget by the time February arrives. You know the usual suspects : lose weight, be more productive at work, spend more time with family and friends.
I never make new resolutions for the same reasons I mentioned above. But I decided since last year that I wanted more out of life than just what I have right now. I want to do more things, learn more things, make more money, make new friends. I want to live and thrive instead of just surviving. I want to enjoy life more. But I also want to be more zen, not let things affect me in such a way that I lose myself. I realized that I am prone to anger and frustration and this has lead to poor health.

So if I will make a new resolution this year, it will be "be more" and "appreciate more".

Speaking of "appreciating more", I realized that I probably live in one of the best neighborhood around town: Kalyani Nagar. It has almost everything I need in such a short walk from my place. It came to me last Sunday when I went to buy fresh chicken for lunch. On the way, I stopped by the shoe repair guy to ask him to fix the straps of my sandals. Then I went and bought fresh vegetables at the corner. Finally I went further down the road at a studio to inquire about after school program for my children. In less than 45 minutes I did all my errands and did not even need a car. And it gets better. There are many good and cheap restaurants there, a cinema, a bakery, many stationary shops, three pharmacies, a tailor, several fruit shops and a grocery store. I just need a mall and I would be completely satisfied (lol). It was hard finding a place to live when we first arrived in India, but we knew we had a winner when we visited our apartment for it is spacious and well build. But the cherry on the top is definitely the neighborhood. I do not think I would have been happier anywhere else.

Cardigan - Marshalls
Denim shirt - Aeon
Leggings - Dots
Slip-ons - Ross

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