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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hello everyone!
How is 2015 treating you so far?

I am doing fine, trying to get back into my routine after 3 weeks of vacations. And speaking of routine, I should get back to sewing. I have been studying new things I want to make with the fabrics I already have like a lace jacket or a duster.

 In the mean time, let me introduce to you this tricolor dress I made a while back. It was one of the first thing I tried to make by myself after graduating from Fashion Design school last year. I got inspired by another sleeveless tunic dress I own that is so easy to wear.

The inspiration: 4 colors sleeveless tunic

So I went to the market and purchase 2 meters of pink and orange fabric ( polyester). I already had a black fabric at home. For the zipper, I used one from an old tee. It took me forever to make the dress, and I am still not satisfied with it totally. The zipper and the sleeves were particularly hard to pull off. Overall, I am just OK with the dress because it really defines me: comfy, colorful, oversize and happy. I think I need more dresses like that in my life (but with more structure aka darts, zipper or button....Sheesh!!!)

So what do you think?

Tri color dress - Did it myself
Leggings - Clover Center
Shoes - Westside

Bad Zipper (my teacher would weep!)

Another bathroom selfie

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