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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Messy Side Bun

Hello there!
School started again for my little bambinos, which means that my crazy mommy routine started again. You know the one I am talking about: waking up early, prepare lunch, prepare breakfast, wake up the kids, force feed them, shower them, make them wear their clothes and dash to take the bus on time. Fun, right? Anyway, as it is still hot and I do not have much time in the morning to play dress up,  I go for easy to wear, easy to style piece like this jumpsuit I got a while ago.

Here is what I wore:
Scarf - Langkawi night market
Tee - Shimamura
Jumpsuit - Shimamura
Bag - random shop in Takeshita Dori, Harajuku
Shoes - Forever 21
Accessories - H&M, Bazaar in Istanbul and gifted

If you have been reading me for a while, you know that back in 2010, I purchased three jumpsuits three weeks in a row. I decided to part with the polka dotted one because I just could not style it. I sent it home to be sold but regretted it months later when the polka dots trend was in full force. Fortunately for me, no one wanted to purchase the jumpsuit so I recovered it when I went back home last month. The plan was to turn it into some pants and a top. But after thinking I realized that the thing was better off left alone. So here I am wearing it for the 1st time to take my kids school. 

I would have to say that the jumpsuit was very easy breezy. I did not feel the heat that much even if I walked miles and went grocery shopping later that day. I even got compliments on it. The styling was really easy as I paired it with a white tee, the same sandals I had been rocking since I came back to Japan and a scarf I decided to wrap like a messy side bun.  Some friends of mine even joked that next time I should wear the jumpsuit without the tee to make it sexy. I laughed at the idea. But really, I cannot wait for temperatures to drop so I can wear the jumpsuit but this time with a denim shirt....

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