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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eid in Dubai

Eid Mubarak to all of you. May GOD forgives us our sins and accepts our duas at the end of the holy month.
I am back in Dubai for less than two days. I did spend a lot of time sleeping to rest after the long trip from Senegal to Dubai. However I went out to visit my girl and her husband. In fact today we spent Eid at their house. My girl cooked lamb and potato gratin with green salad and a decadent upside down cake. I have not had such tender meat in a while. She remains a great cook. After the food we just sat and chit chat, then headed down to Dubai Marina for a walk. It was early night so the weather was still bearable. We had a small breeze from the beach. The town was packed with couples and families taking a stroll or eating out. I thought that it was because of Eid but apparently the place is always packed.
Anyway for EId, here is what I wore:

Abbaya -gift from Mother in law
Sandals - Forever 21

My mother in law gave me this Abbaya with matching shawl back in 2006. I arrived home for a holiday 4 months pregnant with no appropriate clothes to hide my belly. So she went into town and got me the Abbaya. I wore it only three times in the past as it was at home. But this time I decided to take it back to Japan. Truth be told I have been craving a black Abbaya like the ones Emirati women wear for a long time and even forgot that I owned one. Actually mine is in a lighter material and slightly see-through. I really enjoy wearing this as it is super comfy and fuss free.
Tonight I am flying back to Japan. I am a bit sad of leaving my girl and Dubai. But I am hoping that I will be back. I still have to do some serious shopping, enjoy some spa and a day at the desert to really say that I have been to Dubai. Someday INCHALLAH!

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