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This is me

People who really know me, know that I am jean and tee kind of girl. The tees and jeans sizes may have shrunk or ballooned during the years but I remain true to myself. There is nothing easier to wear or style than jeans and tees. I may have grown tired of my jeans and switched to dresses and skirts (particularly under this heat) but for some reason I always go back to them. They are my security blanket, my go to style when I cannot think of nothing else to wear in the morning.
Today was a jean and tee kind of day even if I added this dress as a tunic.
Here is what I wore:

Scarf - Walmart
Tee - Homes
Dress - Thrifted
Pants - H&M
Shoes - Forever 21
Accessories - H&M, thrifted and gifted

This dress was a great find at one of my fave place to shop in Yokohama, 390 Mart. I talked about this place so many times in this blog but it is really the place to go. For 409 Yen (less than $6) you get so many great finds like this Old Navy printed dress (or a Catherine Malandrino dress that was a size too small but that I gave to my sister in law). I loved the print right when I saw it on the racks but I was not sure when I tried the dress on. It was a bit tight on the girls. But I debated with myself and decided to bring it home. Besides the material is so soft and light, it is perfect for hot Summer days.

The shoes are new. I really like them as they are in a color I really do not have in my collection of shoes. But I am mad at the fact that they have two straps instead of one. It takes all the ease out of wearing sandals as I have to struggle to put them on and struggle to take them off. But apart from that they are easy to wear and beautiful on the eyes. So they are a keeper for now. 

This is me: white tee, tunic dress, jeans and sandals. There is nothing that represents me better....except maybe maxi dresses but that it another story....


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