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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jamais deux sans trois

Hello there!
 They say: "Things come in three". Well I had the proof today as I attended my third baby shower this year. The wives association from my husband's company wanted to host a baby shower for two expecting mothers since Spring. However both women had difficult pregnancies. So we decided to wait till they had delivered. Now, four months after the birth of their children,  we all gathered to celebrate them and it was a surprise.
Here is what I wore for the occasion:
Scarf - random 100 yen shop in Eon Honmoku
Sweater - Nissen online
Tank - Daiso
Blouse - G.U.
Pants - H&M
Shoes - gift from Hubby
Necklace - Joa accessory in Harwin Houston
I have been into blouses lately mainly because I realized that I do not have any at all. I do have button down shirts instead. So I decided to get some. Fortunately G.U. has a great collection that is super cheap. This one I am wearing was on sale for 999Y. I like the rust color and the fluidity of it. Plus it covers all the problem areas. And it is super big; the one I am wearing is a size L and not tight at all.

The necklace is normally longer but I wanted it to be chunckier so I layered it.

I am adding a tad of glitter with my sequined flats
The baby shower was great. We catered Indian food which was as usual heaven on earth, finger licking good. I ate way too much, laughed too much and drool too much on the cuteness that was the babies. I have been around so many cute babies lately that it is getting to me. I really do want to have a third child but I am not ready yet. Will I ever be? But more importantly will GOD grant me a baby daughter?

Some gift baskets I made for the Moms

The food: Onions and Potato Pakoras, Biryani, Chole with Roti but my favorite Malai Kofta was not pictured, pure decadence

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