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Sunday, February 7, 2016

DIY/DIM Lace sleeves swing dress (In time for Valentine's day)

This dress that I am about to showcase was in no way intended for Valentine's day as I do not have plans that day ( yet). But since it is approaching, I think it would be inspiring for those of you who have a something something planed on that day!

This dress is a mix of scarps. It comes from two different fabrics: one in lace and the other one in Lycra. The Lycra was originally an asymmetric Kaftan and trumpet skirt that my Mother in law gave me back in 2002. But I never wore it because it hanged on my body in a sexy way. I gave the skirt away but kept the Kaftan. However I never got to wear it either. Fast forward to 2014, I turned it into two capes for my sons on Halloween. Since I still had the capes with me, I thought I would make a jersey dress similar to the two I constantly wear. Inspired by this tutorial, I started to cut the fabric only to find out that I did not have enough to make sleeves. No worries, I dug in my scarps' bag and found a lace fabric that was left over from the first girl's dress I ever made for Design school back in 2013.

Me and my friend's daughter who is modeling my lace eyelet dress.

And voila, a perfect easy to wear swing dress!

Beret - Cial
Scarf - HM
Lace sleeves swing dress - Did it myself
Jeans - Gift
Shoes - Zara then Diy (read how here)
Pearl necklace - Did it myself
Watch - Gift

 I stitched the entire dress by hand because I could not stitch it on my machine. I could not figure out what tension and what kind of needle to use. It took me an entire morning but it was very relaxing. I added the sleeves using my machine first the following day, and then by hand. I think I am getting the hang of adding sleeves. They are still a bit too big but I am fairly happy with the result. I left the dress as it was at the bottom because I do not think hemming it would turn out nice.

Giving a Parisian vibe with this beret and pearl necklace.

This newly diy pair of shoes makes me so happy!

Epic fail on "blowing a kiss" pause! But I am still sending you all my love.

I do like this dress but I am still a bit self conscious about wearing it outside the house. Maybe covering it with a scarf like on the pictures might help. Nevertheless it is really an easy to do, easy to wear kind of dress. Do try it!

Happy Valentine's day y'all!

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