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Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY crystals embellished blouse

Being able to do things (such as making clothes or jewelry) on your own is so fun and inspiring. I go to the mall looking at things or read a magazine and think : " Oh! Beautiful! But I am not going to buy it. I am going to make it". It happened with this yellow blouse I had thrifted two years ago in Houston. I love the color but never got around to wear it. And after two years, it is a bit tight. I was about to toss it  when I saw a pic of a similar blouse with embellished sleeves in a magazine. I immediately went looking for crystals at my neighborhood stationnary shop. I did not find clear crystals but settled for jewel tones ones. At home, I dug the blouse and decided to loosen it up a bit by adding side panels. I cut some left over soft cotton fabric in black and stitch them on each sides to add width. My method is messy and lazy but I got the desirable effect. Plus it is right underneath the arms, so it is barely noticeable. But my initial thought was to add panels in sequin fabric.

Anyway, after that I lay my blouse flat on the floor and lay the crystals on top in the desired design. Use a ruler to make sure that they are all aligned properly. Then put some fabric glue on the back of the crystals one by one and glued them to the blouse. Once you are done, let it dry for 24 hours before wearing the blouse. It is a very easy and cheap project.  The blouse cost me less than 5$, the glue is 17 Rps and the crystals cost me 10 Rps for a bag of 15 crystals. And I have enough left over for another project.

The blouse, the glue and the crystals ( they are flat)

So what do you think? One thing is for sure, I am never tossing another clothing item before figuring out a way to revamp it first.

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