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Friday, January 10, 2014

It's a date! ( Never worn challenge: Printed Jacket)

The hubby took me out for lunch the other day, without the kids.  We tried the lunch buffet at the Hyatt. Needless to say that it was exquisite.
Here is what I wore:

Printed jacket - Ross
Lace Peter Pan collared top - M.G. road
Pants - Max
Shoes - Oriental traffic via Don Don Down

For this date, I wanted to go with a black dress. I had this style of Kate Beckett from Castle I wanted to reproduce. I even wore it only to change at the last minute. My shoes did not compliment the look ( I had t-straps, not ankle straps). I realized that I had too many sandals and flats and not enough pumps.  I need some grown up pumps, something probably with a pointed toe and not so super high heels.
Anyway, I went for black slacks and a cream top instead. You can never go wrong with black slacks. And I am in love with this top. I found it on M.G. road. I think I said more than once on this blog that you can find the best deals with the street sellers in M.G. road.  Those guys unfold their box full of goodies right there on the pavement. Sometimes they hang one or two items in trees to attract customers attention. That is how I spotted this blouse. I love the lace collar and the fact that it is longer in the back, long enough to cover the butt. It is sleeveless but add a cardigan or a jacket and no one would ever know.

Details of the lace collar

Zipper on the pockets 

Oh, and the back of the top comes with straps so I can make a bow. 

The lunch was great. I just wish hubby and I took more time for each other, enjoying each other. We love our kids to death but taking some us time is necessary once ( or twice) in a while. Life is too short...

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