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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Never worn challenge: Printed shirt

As the end of my Never worn challenge is approaching, I feel like rushing to wear all the items I have not worn yet. Take this printed shirt for example, I struggled to wear it. Strike that, for it is not true. I wore it four times this month: once for a lunch at a friend's house,  two times for lunch with the family and today to run errands. So basically it was not hard to pull off. But I hated how it looked the first two times. I paired it my fave harem pants and my plaid jacket or a cardigan ( Sorry no pics!) The reason I did not like it was that the shirt is not wide enough to hide my muffin top. In fact the asymmetrical design ( short in front, long in the back) and small slits on the sides, makes my waist looks wider. And this is not a look I want to go for.

However after weeks of working out and trying to eat right, the shirt seems to fit me much better now. Plus I think that changing from loose pants to more slim fitting ones made a difference.

I took these pics at Cafe Coffee day in Koregaon park and the bathroom of La Sicilia in Dhole Patil road. I am sorry for the poor quality.

I have to say that I was ready to toss this shirt in the "to give" pile but after wearing it with skinnies, I changed my mind. It is a keeper even if it wrinkles easily and the printed birds faded a bit after wash. It is just a fun and basic shirt. Plus it is so airy that it will come in handy in the scorching upcoming months. So this one is a keeper.

Bird printed shirt - Patang
Pants - Brandmart 
Loafers - Westside 

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