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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Outfit planner: Krabi

If you follow me on Instagram,  you know that I have been in Krabi in the last couple of days. We took advantage of the kids Easter holidays to go to Thailand in the Krabi province. And it is absolutely lovely. But more on that in the upcoming posts.

For today's post will deal solely with what I packed.

This time around I decided not to purchase anything new except for a few things that I had to have like mirrored sunglasses, a striped tee and a knit Grey skirt. I scored the sunglasses but was stingy to purchase a Zara striped tee (why are those things so pricey?!?!). The maxi skirt was discounted, in my size but not in the right Grey but I passed it on for new shoes, thinking that it will be there the following week. Big mistake: when I returned to the store, it was gone.

Anyway for this holiday, I packed:

- jeans ( not pictured)
- palazzo pants
- pink maxi skirt
- white eyelet tunic
- tie dye sleeveless dress shirt
- tropical print tunic
- tropical print maxi dress ( not pictured)
- cropped jacket
- camo print maxi dress
- studded tee ( not pictured)
- underwear ( white tee, tank tops, black slip...)
- bathing suit ( not pictured)
- tan and black sandals
- beaded sandals ( not pictured)
- tan wedges ( not pictured)
- blue and white weaved tote bag
- sunhat
- sunglasses

Sunhat, sunglasses and a good book

Too much?  I think it is just enough. The camo dress was a last minute addition. I wore it to lunch just before leaving and I did not want to change for the jeans and tie dye dress I originally planned on wearing. Reason why instead of the flats I usually wear on planes, I wore tan wedges because the dress is too long.
Being in Krabi though, I feel overdressed. Every tourist is roaming around half naked with bathing suits, sarongs, mini dresses, sheer Kaftan and short shorts. It is a bit annoying at first but I got used to it. And I am always happy to stand out and overjoyed when I see my other modest sisters. After all Krabi has a Muslim population.
Stay tuned for posts on our days in Krabi plus how I wore all the clothes I took. In the meantime, check me on Instagram.

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