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Saturday, April 25, 2015

DIY/DIM: Turn Sarong Pants into Palazzo

Hello there!

As I posted on my other blog and here as well, I was in Thailand with the family during Easter break. I had been thinking about what to wear and the goal this time was to purchase not a single thing before I go.

However I really wanted Palazzo cotton pants for the vacation but all the ones I tried at the mall were making my thighs look wider. It was not a look I wanted to go for. So while cleaning up my "studio" with all the clothes that I needed to refashion, I saw this old Sarong pants I bought ages ago in Malaysia.

Sarong Pants
(source: alibaba.com)

 I love those pants because they are perfect for hot weather but I never wear them much in real life.Whenever I wear them, all I need is to sit or the wind to blow to have my thighs exposed.

Anyway, I decided to turn them into Palazzo pants. And it was really easy. I opened up the pants and aligned the front and the back part on the wrong side.

Aligning the front and the back of the pants 

Stitching the sides after cutting the extra fabric used to tie the pants 

 I cut the extra fabric used to tie the pants. Then I stitched the sides together.. Then, I sew a waist band by folding the waistline by 1 inche (two is better) and sewing around it and leaving the extremities at the front open. Finally, I put a cord from a old dress (you can also make your own cord or use a ribbon) inside and voila. (Check this tutorial for better understanding). The pants are really wide so you will need a long cord (measure your waist or where you want the pants to fall and add 10 inches) to gather it.

The gathered waist with cord . Sorry the pics are really bad. 

I am so happy at how this project turned out. I wore my palazzo pants a lot during the holidays (as you can read here). And I even use them now for Belly dance class. They are perfect for this heat.

What do you think?

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