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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

DIY/DIM: Turn a scarf into a kimono ( or cover up)

Hello everyone!

One thing you should know about me is that I like my clothes to be versatile. I like clothes that can have double or triple purpose like a skirt that can become a dress or a coat that can be a vest. If ever I make it as a designer all my clothes would have multi purpose
And this DIM is exactly that.

While looking for clothes to take to my trip to Thailand I came across this tie dye paréo in my closet.  I instantly thought about turning it into a kimono. However the fabric was too beautiful to cut. Plus I could see myself wearing it as a Sarong on the beach (apparently Sarongs are outdated as beach cover up. Well not in my world!) or just to lounge by the hotel pool. So I kept it as it was all the while researching different ways to wear a scarf. And I found one I would like to share with you.

As a Kimono:

Take a super long and wide scarf (1 yard or 1 yard and half should suffice).  Fold it in half either width wise or length wise. Tie the extremities and wear as a  bolero. Tada! You now have a kimono and you did not even slave at your sewing machine..

Tie dye scarf with beads

Unfolded it is big. 

Fold length wise 

Or width wise

Tie the extremities

Voilà,  this version was tied length wise

It has shorter "sleeves"  and it is longer in the back

This is the width wise tied version

It covers the arms well but it is a bit bulkier in the back

Remember that this style is not restricted to the beach. Take it anywhere even the office (but try a floral or geometric scarf and belting it for a more professional look!)

Scarf as turban -  gift from Ethiopia 
Tie dye fabric ( originally a pareo) -  Sandaga market ( Senegal) 
Tie dye dress -  And
Jeans -  gift

I am off to enjoy the Sun! Laters!

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