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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cookie box as an sewing case

I am a messy person. I can never seem to clean up my things reason why there is always clutter somewhere around the house. Once in a while, I decide to do something about that clutter and that is what happen with my sewing things. Believe it or not, I have a plastic bag full of sewing things like threads, needle, beads, buttons and so forth. It is always a pain to look through it because it is a big plastic bag. The plastic bag also has a whole, reason why I keep loosing beads.

The plastic bag in question

As a solution, I though about buying a case designed for just that. However I changed my mind when I saw this beautiful cookie box that a friend gave me recently. The box is big enough with two plastic trays with different parts to hold the cookies. Anyway, after they were over (it took a minute for them to be eaten by the entire family), I wash the box and the trays, dried them and started to arrange my sewing things in them. And voila, now I have less clutter and it is a pleasure to actually go look for something I need in the box. Plus the whole thing did not cost me a dime. Is that recycling or what?

The first tray with measure tape, thread, needles

The second tray with cutting board, more thread and buttons

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