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Friday, March 20, 2015

DIY/DIM: Reversible Colorblock Jacket

Another day, another DIM!

 Hello readers!

 Today,  I wanted to share yet another sewing project that took me 8 months to finish. Actually I started it back in September. I bought this nice floral print fabric for a dress or a midi skirt. But browsing through YouTube, I came across a reversible jacket tutorial that seemed so easy. I pulled the fabric and matched it with a pink one leftover from this dress. I worked on it for a few hours when I realized that I didn't have enough pink fabric left for the sleeves. So I put the project on hold all the while looking for the same pink fabric all over town. Strangely I could never find the exact same color. That is why I just gave up until recently. It occurred to me that I did not necessarily need the pink fabric since I had some yellow fabric leftover that I could use. Back to work I went and this is the final project.

The Floral side 

Scarf - Stolen from my Mom
Blazer - Did it myself
Bodysuit - H&M
Pants - Brandmart
Belt - 390 Mart
Shoes - Westside
Necklace - Gift from the Hubby

It was very easy to do but a bit time consuming. And there are some mistakes here and there because I was too lazy to take proper measurements. For this reason the jacket is too small to close. Next time I am making this ( because I will), I will make sure that I take my time and do it well so it comes out perfectly. 

The colorblock side 

 The tutorial I used was from Meesha TV on YouTube. I checked this vlogger several times to learn new sewing techniques and for inspiration. Unfortunately I just found out that Meesha passed away. It was a shock that such a talented and beautiful person could be gone just like that. I pray that she rests in peace and thank her for all the help. Please check her page if you are interested in sewing.

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