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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Under the sun and the stars (or how I dressed myself today without any help!!!)

Hello there!

After boring with two DIY/DIM posts back to back, I thought I should get back to boring you with my daily looks (or at least, the ones worth blogging about)...

By now you all know that I dress casual, colorful and very comfy. My goal this year is to get out of my comfort zone and become more classy. It is very hard but I am trying. I have to say that Pinterest and Polyvore have been my allies during this process. By now, I have multiple planned outfits stored in those pages. But what you did not know is that when I know I have somewhere different to go to rather than school runs and silly errands, I plan my outfits several days in advance. Otherwise, the day of the thing, I rummage through my closet, try millions outfits, hate everything, have a nervous breakdown and end up pulling the same boring stuff I wear on a daily basis, and getting late. 

Today was different. My son and his classmates had a presentation about the Solar System. It was not a fancy affair. However, it was an occasion for me to shake things up a bit. Usually I would have gone to my "Style me" board on Pinterest. But  I went with my guts instead, which were telling me that it was high time I use the pink bag I bought a year ago and never tried. Plus they go so well with my new baby pink wedges. By then, I had the basis of my outfit. I went looking inside my closet for a dress because nothing says school presentation outfit better than a dress, right?. I had many options but they were either too casual, too dressy or not suitable for this hot weather. At the end of the closet, I saw this shirt dress which had pink hues and I was sold. It will be perfect paired with my jeans. The whole process took me less than 5 minutes which is faster than usual. My closet and bedroom was still intact. And I would have never thought to pair this tropical printed shirt with something pink. I was very proud of myself because I have done it all without any help or influence. 

Scarf -  Sandaga Market
Shirtdress - Lee Cooper via Just Casuals
Bag - M.G. road
Jeans - gift from Hubby
Wedges - Much More 

The irony is not lost on me that I still ended up wearing a blouse and jeans, which is exactly what I wear everyday. However the difference here was that I dressed it up with grown up shoes and classy bag. Plus I wore make up. I recently bought some eyeliner and my kids tell me that I look pretty whenever I put it on. I have not succeeded in making the perfect cat eye but I am getting there. It is all but a process.

The presentation was fun and very educational. The kids really did a great job explaining the moon, stars and solar system. I learned things I never knew. I have to say that I am afraid that this new generation will know more things and be far more intelligent than us.

After the presentation, the hubby took us to Malaka Spice in Koregaon Park to eat the buffet lunch. I had been to Malaka Spice only once for my birthday and it was at night. The ambiance and service was still good and the food perfect. Once again I stuffed myself on South East Asian delicacies like Papaya Salad, Pad Thai, Tom yum soup, Murtabak. It is not exactly the real deal (I had it so I can compare) but it is very close to it and oh so tasty! I think that I will have to come back for more. 

Our lunch: green papaya salad, Pad thai, cilantro rice, chicken curry, Tom yum soup with prawns, peppered basa fish, honey noodle with ice cream  

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