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Monday, March 16, 2015

A different kind of Sunday

Sundays are for lazying in bed, or staying at home all day. I would rather sleep till 10 AM, watch TV or browse the Internet, then go have brunch somewhere or just ordering in. But in real life, I wake up at 8 AM (If I am lucky) and have to think about making breakfast, cooking lunch and so forth. I do get time to blog, read the Sunday paper, have long conversations with the hubby, sew and enjoy the pool or tennis. So it is not all that bad!

But today was different. The hubby wanted to take us out for breakfast. We woke up before 8:00 AM and walked 20 minutes to get to a hotel nearby. The hotel was very nicely decorated with lots of greenery. And for the two hours we stayed there, we forgot the chaos that is Pune.

Outdoor seating of Eighty Eight restaurant

Interesting decor of another restaurant inside the hotel, I am thinking of trying next

I dare say that we ate a lot, or least I did. I had eggs, Uttapam, smoked salmon, chicken sausages, bread and cheese, masala chai, hot chocolate and ginger carrot juice. (Don't ask me about the rest of the family!) It was not the best hotel breakfast I had but it was good. I particularly enjoyed the hot chocolate and the smoked salmon.

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, olives and capers 

Hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles 


 After the breakfast we were heading home when we passed Aga Khan Palace. That place has been on my list of places to visit in Pune for a while but I never took the time to just go. So, spur of the moment, I asked the rest of the family to go. It was a pleasant surprise for I got to learn a bit about Mahatma Gandhi. He resided (or rather was confined) in the place in 1942 with his wife and secretary. A small portion of the palace is actually a museum dedicated to Gandhi with pictures, sculptures, paintings and actual goods the man himself used while he was living there.

Aga Khan Palace

Sculptures of Mahatma and and his wife Kasturba

Mahatma Gandhi ashes 

Mausoleum of Gandhi's wife and secretary who both died at Aga Khan Palace

Old stairs 

Scarf - M.G.road
Denim shirt - Brandwise

 It was a very educational tour but what I enjoyed the most from the palace was the gardens. They had multitudes of trees and flowers, some I know, others I have never seen. I could not stop clicking pictures after pictures with my phone for they were truly breathtaking. Judge for yourself!

We walked back home to resume our Sunday but it was a very different beginning we experienced. I know I am lazy but I would not mind more morning walks like this in my future.

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