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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Current mood: Yellow

The weather has been unpredictable recently. One minute it is hot and the next freezing cold. Then it starts to rain. It is so shifty that I got sick two week ends ago. We went to check the Rambo circus in Deccan after lunch on that Saturday. The last time I went to a circus was back in Japan and it was a "Cirque du Soleil". Therefore I did not expect much from this circus. But it was great. The ambiance was old school but the people were pros. My kids and I enjoyed all the shows and we even got to laugh out loud at the clowns even though we did not understand Hindi. But the circus was cold because they put the air conditioning on blast on a day that was fairly cool. As a result I caught something ( a cold, the flu? Who knows?) and I was down with fever, and body ache from Saturday evening till Monday. I had not been sick like that in a long time and it was not a good feeling. Thankfully it did not linger and I was back to being myself the next Wednesday. Being sick sucks particularly when you are a mother because mothers are usually caregivers. Thankfully my family was great. My kids brought me blankets and even massaged my head to release the headaches. I usually do not like their massages but this time it felt great. The hubby was also very good doting on me. That was a nice change.

Today also, it rained. But by the time I was done taking these pictures, it stopped. I do like the weather in Pune but it can be highly unpredictable like me. I had decided to wear this skirt after forgetting about it in my closet for a long time. But in my head I was going to pair it with a embellished black tunic. However at the last minute I decided for this yellow blouse that I have never worn. I do like the color but the cut is boxy and not flattering on my figure. Nevertheless, I did not to let that stop me today so out it went.

Yellow blouse - thrifted then embellished
Maxi skirt - H&M
Shoes - Reliance Footprint

It was a blouse I had thrifted three to four years ago in Houston and embellished (read how here). It is such a nice well made piece that it is a shame I do not wear it often. But I think it will change from today.

Silver ring - gift

Indian earrings - bought at Mariplex week end flea market

I leave you with some pics of the circus. It may have ended by now but I am sure they will be back in the city soon.

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