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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Old navy is coming to town

For somebody who loves Old Navy, I could not be more excited to discover that the brand is coming to Japan. Actually it seems that this is old news since it was reported back in April 2011. For some reasons, I am learning this just now.

Recently I discovered that Old Navy and Gap from the US shipped to Japan. And I could not stop daydreaming about the things I would order when I realised that I do no longer have a credit card. My last resort would have been to wait for a trip to the US and indulge there and then.
I am happy to know that travellin to the US will not be my last resort as Old Navy will open stores in Tokyo in the end of 2012. The specific places have yet to be determined.

I do hope they open in my fave places like Harajuku and Yokohama. Moreover, I am praying that the prices are the same than in the US. Gap in Japan have prices way higher than in the US. Actually most of my American friends say that they never shop in Gap Japan only for that reason. Seriously, something should be done about it if Gap hopes to compete with H&M and Forever 21.

Anyway, here are pieces I would love to get from Old Navy if it were to open now:

Blanket's wrap cardigan for $38

Chunky knit cardigan for $36

Sueded desert wedges for $11.97

With all these American stores invading Japan, I have another question for y'all: when is Target coming?

For more info, check here

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