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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I got it from Jins

Where do I get my inspiration for outfits?

I get my inspiration everywhere. I usually look at girls on the streets. Here in Japan, you get inspired from every woman, from the teenager to the grandma (some of them are so fierce). Once in a while something they are wearing or the way they are wearing a particular item would catch my eye. I immediately ask myself if the look is for me, if I can pull it off. And if the answer is yes, I spend the rest of the day trying to figure out how to reproduce the same look with the things I have at home.
I keep up the same process when I check on my favorite fashion blogs or when I watch TV.

Recently I saw a commercial for Jins glasses. I was so inspired by the outfit in the commercial. Here is a pic.

 I liked everything about the look maybe because I used to dress like that when I was in college. I would wear my favorite men's navy sweater vest (my Dad's former uniform) over my fave peach men's shirt  and some jeans. It was the comfiest outfit ever and it gave me a certain edge. Now I am dying to reproduce the look but I do no longer possess a navy blue men's sweater or a vest for that matter. But I do possess a sweater in blue. Let us see if I can reproduce the look:

Beret- Cial
Blue sweater - Walmart
Men's striped shirt - H&M
Jeans - Ross
Bag - Harajuku
Shoes - Payless

So what do you think? I just needed the glasses but I have perfect eyesight (and I do not cheat).
 I am wearing this to go out today. Hopefully it will keep me warm enough under this weather

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