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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nylon Puffer tote bag

As I was window shopping in Yokohama before the Christmas sales, I noticed a interesting kind of bag. It is usually a tote bag made out of the same material used for down jackets; some kind of nylon and maybe down feathers. Some days later, as I was buying some donuts at Mister Do, I found out that they were given away the same kind of bags. But they called them Fuka Fuka bag.

Mister Donuts Snoopy Fuka Fuka Bag- can only be exchanged for 150 points on Mister Donuts card

I went home intrigued by this kind of bags. I decided to google them. And this is what I discovered: they are really called Puffer bag. And contrary to what I thought they do not only exist in Japan. As it turns out, many serious brands have been making puffer bags for a while now: Marc Jacobs, Chanel to name a few.

But why is it that I am only noticing these bags now? Well, maybe because they are becoming trendy in Japan. All affordable international and Japanese brands do have a version of these tote bags in stores now.

I am not sure these bags are for me. I do not really like anything that is pouffy like down jackets. Yet, as I touched them, I realise that they are so kimochi ii, or great to the touch. They are really soft, and just for that they are becoming more and more appealing.

The one I fancy is a three colored one from the Gap. It is big enough to hold everything that I like to carry and more. Furthermore, the three color design makes it look like a striped bag. And if you are familiar with me, you should now that I absolutely love stripes. To top it all, the colors are bright and happy. What more could you ask? Well for the price to be a bit lower. These babies retail for 3999Y.
And I could not find any single picture of that jewel online. What a pity.

 Rootote Feather Roo tote bag available at Sony Plaza for 3990Y

the bag can also double as a hand warmer if you open the zippers on the side

Update: In January, I check my local Gap for the bag I liked but it was gone. Was this bag  just a maboroshi (vision) of mine?

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