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Friday, September 4, 2015

Buy now, wear later

Hello Hello!

Today's topic is this very bad habit of mine: buy now, wear later. 

I absolutely love shopping. I get such a rush when I purchase new clothes or accessories even if it is for my small business or gifts. It is high I wish I could constantly get. But when I buy for myself, I have a habit of storing the clothes for later. A dress I buy now could be worn anytime between two months to two years later. With age,  I have been better at this but a quick look through my closet tells me that I have a long way to go. Yes,  I still have dresses that I bought  four years ago that I have not yet worn. Can you believe it?
In fact, the only time I wore what I bought immediately was 15 years ago. I went shopping at Zara with my Mother and best friend. We were supposed to go out for diner at a fancy restaurant right after. I was not dressed for it because we were invited by other friends at the last minute. Therefore I bought myself some slacks and formal white shirt that I wore right then and there in the dressing room. 

I think I do wear my clothes way later because I have a habit of buying for an occasion. When I am not doing retail therapy (which means buying on impulse just because I am depressed or bored), I mostly shop for an outfit to wear to an outing, a formal event or for a trip. I would rarely go shopping just to get things I really need except when seasons changed.

Take this dress for example.This is the second time I am wearing it.  The first time was for a Xmas/farewell lunch just before I left Japan. (You can read about it here.) I am not even sure why because it is an easy to style dress. I love the color and the shape of it. It should be incorporated into my daily life. Yet, it hangs pretty inside my closet waiting to be worn for a special occasion.

Dress - Uniqlo
Jacket - Max
Pants -  Hm
Flats - Sandaga market
Bag - An oldie but a goodie
Bangles -  gift

However, when that special occasion comes, I play it safe, opting for easy to wear clothes like my favorite pants and a pair of wedges.  I have a fear of being dressed over the top when everyone around me is so casual.  I also have a fear of wasting a good outfit on a normal day. That is why I keep on storing my clothes. 

I finally scored African printed flats during my last stay at home. 

While I was taking pics,  this little fella was hiding under my feet. Thank God I only saw it once I was done otherwise I would be screaming. If you read this  you would know I am scared to death of lizards. 

Nevertheless I have decided to make a change. A pretty and easy to wear dress like this one should be out more often. Today I style it casual for school run but who knows next time, I will be adding heels to the mix.

 Are you like me?  Do you buy now to only wear it later?  Or do you buy and wear it immediately? 

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