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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ramadan Oblige

Hello there! I thought I would give you a respite from our Golden triangle adventures with a little outfit post.
It is Ramadan, a very precious time for Muslims worldwide. I enjoy this time but it is hard being away from family and friends. If I were home I would enjoy Iftar with my family eating delicacies or if I was back in Japan, my friends and I would take turns hosting Iftar parties. I do miss that. But Ramadan in India is not that bad. For one thing at least I live in a country where there are some Muslims. I can hear the call for prayer from my house ( and no, it is not my computer but the Mosque). I can enjoy Halal food from restaurants all around and they deliver so if I am too tired to cook or run out of ideas for a menu, I can always order. To top it all, it is not hot at all. It has not really rained yet but temperatures are below 30 so fasting is not that hard. If only I can find a way to keep my energy level high I would be happy.
Today I had to run errands and I wanted to wear something I could just slip on and be gone. I usually dig for maxis but for some reasons I was not feeling it. I tried several things on and was running late when I thought about digging this Abbaya up. My Dad gave me this red Abbaya and a white one as a souvenir from Mecca. The dresses came with silky linings that were too tight. I never wore them and for three years they were hidden in my suitcase. Until last month, when I remembered about them after being on an refashion/ alteration spree. I just removed the linings and was left with a sheer tunic that would be perfect paired with pants.

Personally I enjoyed the tunic. It is light enough for hot days and sturdy enough to cover me from blasting A.C. Sometimes I just wished I had more clothes like that, something that I can just slip on. I have to confess that I now understand the appeal of the black Abbaya Middle Easter and some Indian women wear. Imagine you are at home chilling with short shorts and tank and the door bell ring. Usually it means that I have to fumble to find something suitable to change into before the person at the door leaves. But with an Abbaya on hand, no fuss.
Yet I still need color in my life. I cannot imagine wearing only black cloacks round the clock.

What do you think? Would it be easier to dress if you had to wear black Abbaya all the time, or do you like to wear different things on a daily basis?

Abbaya - gift from my Dad
Tee - Brandmart
Pants - Max
Shoes - Clover Center
Bag - Leather shop in Hawa Mahal market, Jaipur

Someone tried to photobomb me

The details : embroidery and sequins

Leopard and leather crossbody bag  and more details of the Abbaya

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