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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Agra ( part 2)

Day 2
The following day my youngest woke up with an upset stomach. Plus the breakfast at the hotel was no better than the one in Krishna ( hotel in Delhi). We settled for toast and headed to Fatehpur Sikri. It is an old abandoned city on the way to Jaipur. It was also hauntingly beautiful with red mud color and Muslim style carvings.  We walked around but the sun was unforgiving. We met several people who wanted to take our pictures, for what reasons, I am not sure. But most of them were nice so we accepted. The only bad point of our visit were the several sellers and guides who would come to us every five minute offering this or that for a small fee. Thankfully they are outside the gates. Yet they still tarnish the experience because even if you refuse their services, they would still hassle you. I understand they have to make a living but when someone says no have the decency to leave him/her alone.

Upper part of a column 


Inspiring windows


Corridor ( both Hubby and I thought it would be perfect runway for a fashion show)

Our drive to Jaipur was longer than the Delhi-Agra route due to lack of good highway. But we did not mind. We still arrived in Jaipur before sunset.  The city is nice and well built but the cherry on the cake was our hotel. Umaid Bhawan is a small heritage hotel located in a residential area in Jaipur. The hotel has painted walls all over, old pictures of Maharajahs, sculptures and so much more.  Our room is large with two big beds and gorgeous furniture all around. It is hard to describe but after the fiasco of our previous hotels,  we were really happy to be in Umaid Bhawan. It is not the best hotel I stayed in but it is by far the most beautiful.

Garden in the hotel

Our room

For diner, we headed to Cafe F-32 which is a posh cafe in the city. The kids and I were still sick so we wanted to stay away from Indian food. Thankfully they serve Italian, Lebanese food with salads and deserts. We had pasta and pizza which were both nice. The restaurant is big and well decorated with mistmatched seats and Indian lanterns. It is for young couples but families are also welcomed. And the service is good. After diner we went back to our abode impatient to see what Jaipur had to offer the following days.

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