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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Delhi, mera Dill (part 2)

Day 3
We overslept, too tired from our adventures of the previous day to have an early start.  After lunch yet at the same place we headed for Haus Khas complex.  We visited the nearby park that had deers and peacocks then rested for ice cream for it was a really hot day. Then we entered the complex filled with restaurants, and boutiques. There was also a young and trendy crowd roaming.  We visited the old palace there that now serves as a hip place to meet up. It was almost in ruins but you could tell that it must have been gorgeous back in the days. Now the young crowd there just add to the ruin by littering, eating, carving on the old marble and singing loudly.  I mean I get that it is a beautiful place but it is also a heritage and we have to show some respect and restraint.  We did not want to stay longer even though the view was breathtaking. 

Beautiful grounds at Haus Khas 

After Haus Khas,  we headed to Dilli Haat, which is a shopping complex but for handicrafts and such.  It was a huge open space with lots of interesting shops offering marble sculptures, pashminas, jewelry, leather bags,  basic Indian handicrafts. The prices were not that steep but they were still higher than a normal or local market. We did manage to buy small things and chatted here and there with shop owners. It was a very hot day and I was not feeling well.  I do not want to blame it on the food at Al Sameer but after eating there three times, something was off. 

Camel leather lamps

This seller had an interesting moustache

Beautifully embroidered vest at Dilli Hat

We left Dilli Haat and headed for Connaught place.  I loved Connaught place which is a circle of trendy shops, restaurants and hawkers. It was a Sunday so the place was packed.  We walked a long time looking for a place to eat and finally settled for a snack and sweet shop called Haldiram's.  It was packed but it offered all kinds of food.  We ordered pasta for the kids,  paav bhaji, chole for the adults.  I never had paav bhaji where the bun was a big as a burger bun.  The food was nice. We left busy C.P. and headed back to the hotel for sleep. We were to leave for Agra the next day.
I really enjoyed Delhi for it looks so much nicer than Pune and Mumbai. I enjoyed the Colonial buildings, the huge roads but also the greeneries. Time to see what Agra has in store for us. 

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