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Friday, July 18, 2014

Agra ( part 1)

Back to the Golden triangle adventures:

Day 1
We left Delhi after a simple breakfast at Cafe Coffee Day in C.P. for Agra. My stomach was still upset so simple croissants were in order.

Sipping on hot chocolate at Cafe Coffee Day in C. P. 

The trip was around three hours by express highway, which was traffic free and nice.  Upon arrival in Agra we visited Baby Taj, a miniature version of Taj Mahal.  It was tiny for a palace but had beautiful marble carving.  It was early afternoon so the heat was at its peak.

Baby Taj

Entrance of Baby Taj

That is why we did not stay long. After clicking some pictures, we headed to our hotel. Residence hotel was a step up from Krishna but still not great. We were to spend only one night so we didn't mind. We headed for lunch at Pinch of Spice. It is a beautifully decorated restaurant with great Indian food. I was still feeling queasy so
I ordered a simple vegetable curry with steamed rice while the kids had Malai Kofta and the hubby Biryani. First of all, the portions were big, and secondly it was all delicious. We ended our meal with some green shots to freshen the mouth.  The restaurant is a bit pricey but our experience was worth it.

My plate of steamed rice and vegetable curry

The green mouth freshners ( gotta learn the name)

After our late lunch, we finally visited the Taj. Oh, what a beauty it was from afar and near! We took our time admiring it, taking pictures,  meeting up with new people.  Indian people are curious and while some would stare and laugh at us, others would come and talk to us. Usually it is the less educated and less rich who would give us the time of the day. The " higher class" are judgemental and would make remarks about us and laugh. How do I know?  I understand a few Hindi words and you can always tell when someone is talking about you, right?

"Pinching the Taj"

The baby of the Muslim family we met 

Anyway we met this lovely Muslim family that had a tiny baby crying because he was thirsty. The child was 6 months old but he was so light and small I thought he was 3 months. And cute too. We talked to them mixing gestures, Hindi and English.  Then we went and took a closer look at the Taj. You could tell that the Mausoleum was well taken care of. And for a Mausoleum,  it was beautiful.  Mumtaz Mahal must have been a really loved wife. Shah Jahan and her shared a deep connection and affection according to history but to see it come to life even after so many years is a testimony of true love.

My boys in awe

Can u see the Arabic words carved?

We were enjoying our tour when suddenly a strong wind started to blow. In an instant the weather turned from scorching sunny to windy cool. Then it pored. We took refuge at the gates and watched the rain drop. But it was short lived. Yet the weather stayed cool. I wished we stayed longer but the place was closing. The entire day I was feeling crabby due to the heat and my stomach but the visit to Taj uplifted me. It was truly a beautiful experience.

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