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Friday, July 25, 2014

Jaipur day 1 and 2)

Day 1
The kids were sick the previous night so we decided to stay in. We had breakfast and lunch in the nice dining room of the hotel and rest till 4pm. 

Hotel dining room 

Colorful carving in the restaurant

Then we headed to the Pink City. It is a cluster of shops and tourist attractions all built in the same architectural style and with light mud color. It was crowded, chaotic but beautiful. We did some shopping, buying block printed bedsheets, camel leather sandals and more. By the time we were finished it was around 8pm. We headed back to the hotel where we ate simple sandwiches and went to bed. 

Pink city

Day 2, the kids and I were feeling better so we headed early into the city to visit City Palace,  where the Marahajah lives. We did not get to see him but we enjoyed browsing the collections of old weaponry ( these people don't play when it comes to war: from canon,  to sabres and even tiger claws,  they had it all), gorgeous garments, and beautiful architecture. Jaipur royalty knew how to live in style and enjoyed the finer things.  

Guns display

City palace


Peacock inspired decoration

Brass door

After the City Palace, we checked Albert Hall which is a museum with more beautiful
and historical things about Jaipur and more. I liked it more than the last place because I got to click various interesting things such as clothes and jewelry,  which was forbidden at City Palace. Moreover it was covered with huge fans blasting cool air so we felt less hot. Jaipur weather was really punishing us with temperatures around 42 degrees. 

Albert hall terrace

Nice painting of a dancing girl at Albert Hall

Rajhastani women in full attire

Clothing during that time

For lunch we grabbed takeaway sandwiches from Cafe C'est Bon which seemed a cool place to hang.  You could make your own sandwiches and they came with French fries. They were quite tasty. We took a nap followed by pool time for the kids. 
By the late afternoon we headed again to the Pink city market for more shopping. I finally got to purchase wooden blocks for printing ata good price.  But I think I bought one too many since I am not really sure when I will be able to use them. I wanted to do more shopping but time was ganging up on us ( and money was running low) so we left to have diner at Cafe F- 32. Same ambiance,  good service,  good food ( try the salad with the mint dressing).  We left stomach heavy and soul happy.

Sitting at Cafe F-32

Where they have funny coaters 

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