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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Delhi bound ( part 1)

Disclaimer : we started our trip on Friday June 20 th and ended it on Sunday June 29th. I just came around to post about it now!

Day 1
As I told you in my previous post, we are visiting India's Golden Triangle. Our first stop is Delhi we reached in the afternoon through plane from Pune. Firt impression: it is hot. It was 42 degrees when we landed. It is hot but not humid at all.  So after the first shock,  we got used to it.  We were met by our driver who took us to our hotel. The drive was long but we had ample time to enjoy the beauty of Delhi.  I fell in love with the city.  The route from the airport to New Delhi railway station was almost scenic with lots of greeneries, wide streets and beautiful monuments. The traffic was congested but less aggressive than Pune or Mumbai. For a moment, I was sure this was not India.
However the area around our hotel located near New Delhi railway station was crowded with lots of hawkers, rickshaws and people. This was more like the India I was used to. Our hotel called Krishna New Delhi is not bad but not great either.  The room is tiny but has two big beds ( we asked for a family room). The shower is weak and nothing seperate the bathing area to the toilet ( except shower curtains) so after one shower the entire bathroom floor is wet. However the free wifi is great and the hubby could watch the World cup on TV so we cannot really complain.  Upon arrival,  we settled a bit then walk around the neighborhood in search of diner. There are some cafes and hotel restaurants in the alley but we settled for a small Muslim eatery where we ordered Chicken Afgani,  Egg curry,  Chicken fried rice,  Chicken rolls and Romali roti.  The place is not sparkling clean and chaotic as there are many va-et-vient between the kitchen at the back and the front of the restaurant. The manager shouts orders and the servers and cooks do not have clean habits ( they take the pickles from the fridge with their bear hands, the same hands that clean the tables). Yet the food is good and affordable. I ordered the roll and it was less oily than the one I am used to eating in Pune.  It is just some kebab with cucumber rolled in a Romali roti which was soft and a bit chewy.  We all enjoyed the food and head back to the hotel.

Day 2
We woke up before 9 am and headed for breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Two words: purely crappy.  The spread was thin and what was available was either bland or missing.  The kids had cornflakes, bananas and toast while I had boiled eggs on toast.  They had something like a spinach crepes which would have been tasty if they were fresh.
After food, we took the car we rented for a tour of the city. We stopped at India Gate (not to be mistaken with Gate of India,  which is in Mumbai), took some pics then drove on Raj path to see the Presidential palace. The entire area is vast and beautiful.  I enjoyed the architecture which is a mix of Mughal and British colonial.

Rajpath leading to presidential palace 

Interesting facade of a restaurant

Just when the hubby was saying that Delhi did not have many animals wandering the streets, we saw this!

India Gate

We kept on driving till Qutab Minar which is one of the tallest Minaret in India.  We checked it from outside not wanting to waist too much time or money on it.  It was also very hot to walk around. We ate lunch at Karim in Nizzamudin. The hubby heard great things about the place and wanted to check it out.  There is another one closer to our hotel but our driver recommended this location since we were near by. There is a small market in the area and the population is mostly Muslim. We arrived as they were opening for lunch at 1pm. The restaurant was not too big but had an old charm to it with wood carvings and persian carpets hanging on the walls. We ordered Nargisi Kofta, Firdausi Korma, mutton biryani and naan stuffed with minced meat.  The food was finger licking with a tad of heat. It is not spicy but the heat stays with you way after you finished eating. We all loved the stuffed naan that reminded me a bit of Lacmajun ( turkish pizza). That thing was served pipping hot and stayed hot after five minutes.

Lunch at Karim 

Biriyani, Nargisi Kofta and stuffed Naan 

After that heavy meal,  we headed to the hotel for siesta time.  We rest till 6 pm and headed out again.  But due to a glitch with our driver ( apparently  when the company we hired says that they provide for a car and driver for 8 hours a day,  it means continuously from the moment he leaves the garage to pick us up up to 8 hours.  Even if we rest,  those hours still count) we could use the car for only an hour.  So we went for Kulfi faludas at a Bengali sweet shop.  Truth be told I had better faludas but it was a nice respite from the heat. For diner I ordered take outs from Al Sameer, the same place we had dinner the night before. And off to bed.
For the entire day I had on my denim tunic and leopard pants.  I was very comfortabe even under the heat because the fabric is light.  The only problem I have with it is the lack of pockets. But overall I am very happy with my purchase.  I think that my other denim button down may have met its match.

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