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Sunday, October 30, 2011

My other new favorite place to shop in Japan: Don Don Down on Wednesday

Being on a shopping ban, did not stop me from checking new places to find a bargain. I was on my way to 390 Mart in Yokohama station when I saw a colorful new shop opening right next to it. I went inside to check it out. I was a 3 stories thrift store. The staff was still working on arranging the racks and they told me that their big opening was for the following week. They gave me a pamphlet and ask me to come back. I went home and checked them online and vow to return the following week. Back to my boring routine, I had completely forgot about it until I decided to take my sister in law (who came for a visit) shopping in Yokohama. Obviously we checked the shop and she was happy to find great pieces for herself. I also got a nice bag for my mother.

The shop is called Don Don Down on Wednesday. The principle is that:

1- you can sell your clothes
Usually a kilogram equals 500 Yen. But if you have brand items, you can sell them for a higher price.
Every Monday and Wednesday, you can sell your clothes for 1.5 times higher price.

2- you can buy items there
They have two sections:
- Clothes that are priced using vegetables and fruits. For example, a carrot equals 10.000 yen and a peach equals 2000 yen. But the great part is that the price is reduced every Wednesday on those items. Let us say you see a dress with the pumpkin price tag of 3000 this week, the dress will be 2000 yen next Wednesday and 1000 yen the following Wednesday, providing that it is still there. So you play a game with yourself: if you really want the dress you can go ahead and buy it right away or wait for it to be marked down the following weeks. But really what are the odds of that? For example, the second time I was there, I saw a beautiful coral summer dress (with the skirt full as I like them). It was 900Yen. But since I was on the shopping ban I told myself that I would wait until next time to get it. Well, I went there two weeks later and it was gone!
- Items that have a normal price tag. Those items are usually shoes, bags and brand items. Their prices do not really change at all.

I went to Don Don yesterday to look for my military short (I have a craving for military shorts lately. You can read about it here). I was surprised to see the place packed. As it turns out, there was a time sale from 4 to 6 PM. You could buy items marked Peach, Strawberry and Carrot for a value of 2000yen. Imagine the frenzy. I had to almost fight to find some items. Moreover I had to wait to try them one because they were only two dressing rooms and the line was super long. I came out with three new items and I could not be happier: a summer dress, a stripped top and wait for it......my military short. I was also about to buy some Arnold Palmer boots that were my size (do you know how hard it is to find cute shoes your size 8and a half  in Japan?) and only for 1500 yen. But the sole was a bit worn out. I thought about getting them fixed but that would cost extra money. They were pretty but I may as well try to get new boots.

There was no tag on this tunic but I love it because it is not see through like my other striped dress and it has an asymmetrical hem

This dress was the last thing I grab from the store. It was almost hidden. I quickly tried it on and it fitted like a glove. It is also sexy but I will wear it with a bolero.  It is from H&M, USA

I cannot believe this thing fits my heavy bottom. It is a bit tight and I am worried about wearing it with leggings. However I styled it with a grey tee and it worked. I can even hide the problem areas (aka my ass)

I think that the people at Don Don will see me often in the months to come. It is such a fun place to be. I may never sell clothes there. I prefer to send them home to the needy. But I think I can enjoy shopping there. They already have a great range of boots that were my size. Plus, I need to go there when it is less crowded in order to have the time and space to look for pieces I need. Last time was hell. I saw some ladies with full carts of clothes. Somebody was either renewing her closet or buying for her shop.

For more info on Don Don, check here (in Japanese) http://www.dondondown.com/
The one in Yokohama is located next to the West entrance, behind the police box.


Dina F. said...

I already love your blog :) Thanks for the tips

Chilel said...

Thank you Dina F. I hope you are enjoying your time in Japan. Holla at me if you have any questions?

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