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Saturday, October 15, 2011

More buttoned down shirts please!

Fall did not even creep up. It came full blast. One day it was 30 degrees, the next 21. Fall came so fast that I have not had time to take my Winter clothes out of my suitcase (Either I have too much clothes or not enough closet space; nevertheless when season changes, I put away some clothes and take out the ones I need), and dry them under the sun.

Under those circumstances, it becomes quite hard to dress up. As a resort, I go to my button down shirts. And add a cardigan when it is really chilly. They are very easy to put on and style. Plus the cardigan hides the spots that are wrinkled.
Black Cap- Ross
Beige cardigan - Walmart
Chambray shirt - Ross
Skinny jeans - Ross
Clutched bag - Random shop in Takeshita dori (Harajuku)
Shoes - Sandaga market

I like these leopard flats but they are falling apart. This is the second pair of leopard flats that are failing me. I am for the look out for a great one that would last. Any suggestions?

I wore this to run some errands with the hubby and kids on a bit chilly day. I am not really into wearing all jeans but I did it twice with the same shirts and different pants, and it worked both times. This shirt was really a great buy. I decided that from now one I will switch a bit by pairing it with skirts or even dresses.

Black cap - Ross
Pink striped tee - Epice du Mode
Flower printed cardigan - Walmart
Blue belt - Forever 21
Pants - Ross
Shoes - Ross

The hubby was disturbing my shooting session instead of helping me to take pics

For some reasons I like mixing the shirt and the cardigan. I think this must be the 2nd time I am wearing it. The first was at the beginning of Spring and I got great "reviews" from other mothers at school. Maybe because of the flowers on my cardigans. I do like pink but I do not get to wear it often. This is the boldest I have done when it comes to mixing patterns and colors (the pink of the shirt is light pink almost pastel when the ones on the cardigan are bright pink and fuchsia.

I am really looking forward to Fall and Winter. I have spotted some trends that will make break the bank. And once my shopping ban will be lifted, I may go crazy. Is it also strange that under this weather, I am craving military green shorts?

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