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Animal print for the Zoo?

Hey Folks!
These couple of days were kind of fun. My son being on Fall leave, I decided to take him out. Well, most of the people I know took their kids to Disneyland, but since I am not made of money yet, I took them to USA land. USA land is a small indoor amusement park (nothing compared to Disneyland) located in Honmoku not far from my place. Inside you have a huge playground, some games, bicycles, rides but what I like the most is that even adults can enjoy the place. It has massage chairs, karaoke booth, magazines, drinks and such. And you can also bring your own food. The plus is that you pay around 480 for one hour of playtime, or 800 yen for the whole day. I always pay more because it is kind of hard to pull the kids out of there after just one hour. Anyway I went there yesterday with my favorite Japanese mum friends. And we chatted while our kids had a blast.

I wanted to be comfy all day so I wore this:

White beret - random shop in Cial Yokohama
Ruffle leopard scarf - H&M
Animal printed cardigan - Nissen online
Chambray shirt - Ross
Maxi skirt - H&M
Grey leggings - Ross
Estee Lauder bag - Thrifted
Shoes - Pratunam Market Thailand

They announced on TV that it was supposed to be chilly so I dug this cardigan out. However, after going out to get some food before I left for USA land, I realized that it was just windy not chilly. I had to remove the cardigan because I was melting inside. For some reason, I feel like a hoarder or a nerd wearing this ensemble. I think that I just need to wear lens less glasses to look the part. Those things are so trendy right now. And I cannot help but wonder why? Why on earth would you wear glasses without lenses? Apparently I am not the only one who is wondering about that, read here.

Yesterday was another beautiful warm day. So I decided to take the kids to the zoo. We have a free zoo not far from our place to but so far I have been there only twice. It is not the biggest zoo ever but one can still enjoy the animals. My kids have been interested in animals lately so I thought I would let them indulge.
I wanted to wear this:
Black cap - Ross
Ruffle scarf - H&M
Beige cardigan - Walmart
Leopard uneven top - Anap 
Military short - Thrifted - Don Don Down
Black leggings - Uniqlo
Brown boots - G.U. 

 I was supposed to have lunch with the kids and then head to the zoo before it gets too dark. However, I felt sleepy right after and indulge in a well deserved siesta. Needless to say that the kids followed few seconds after. So, we postponed the zoo for another time. Thank GOD, I did not go out after all because after checking these pictures, I feel absolutely ridiculous in these shorts. I do not know which is worse, the uneven leopard top and the long cardigan or the Ugg inspired boots that make me feel like a mammoth. Whatever it is, it is not working for me. I am a bit saddened because I thought I could pull this look off. Maybe I just need to loose some pounds. Then I would not feel like a sausage in a casing. I am still keeping them; we never know....

Today was another great warm day. The hubby took the day off and we went to the Mosque and ate Sushi afterwards.
Here is what I wore:

Pink beret - H&M
Grey paisley print scarf - Walmart
Pink meshed top - Random shop in Seoul (had it since 2002)
Black top - Walmart
Black maxi skirt - H&M
Brown flats -Pratunam market
Prayer beads worn as necklace - gifted from a neighbor
Green ring - can't remember

I am in love with this skirt that I can wear all seasons. I was just thinking today that I needed to add two more comfy skirts like this to my closet but in different colors. H&M has a great one with pleats on sale right now but the price tag is a bit high for a sale item (3000Yen). After all my skirt only cost 1000Yen. I am not willing to spend three times more for something as great.
I also tried a trend I see often with Japanese ladies when it gets chilly: wearing a scarf as a wrap. I love this grey scarf I got at Walmart some years back. It was nice and felt warm. My fish guy even complimented me on it (lol).

What trends are you willing to try and what are a no no for you this season?


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