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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Heavy rotation challenge : final week

The final week was a blur so please bear with me

Day 23 Sept 21
Typhoon number 15 came so even though I planned to go out I stayed home all day!!!

Day 24 Sept 22
Green scarf + Yellow shirt + Green pants + Black flats (added item) + Basket bag

It was another rainy day. However when I left home it was so sunny I did not think about carrying an umbrella. Result I had to get one. It was raining hard and my shoes (who really are room shoes) were soaked wet. Yet, my outfit was very comfy for the day.

Day 25 Sept 23

Leopard scarf + Grey cardigan (not pictured) + Tie dye dress ( added item) + White pants + Striped flats + Basket bag

I went to visit some friends with the family. I wanted to dress comfy so I pull out this summer dress I thrifted at 390 Mart. This dress was originally from Walmart. And when I was living in the US, I spotted online and coveted it but once in the store, it was sold out. So I did not even tried it on when I saw it at the racks of 390 Mart. May I should have because, I do not like the bubbly effect it has at the waistline (I am fat but not that fat, ok!) Nevertheless, I had some great time eating really nice Senegalese food and playing with the kiddies. I wish I had more of those fun days with friends.

Day 26  Sept 24

Red scarf + Beige cardigan + Leopard blouse (added item) + White pants + Black flats (added item) + Basket bag

I went out to Enoshima with the family again. While dressing up, I realised that my grey cardigan that I wore the day before had white spots on it. The day before, I was holding my friend's adorable baby and she spat on me. I had not have this experience in a while, and it made me happy. However, I had to wear another cardigan.

Day 27 Sept 25
Stay home all day to enjoy another great Senegalese meal

As I told you the final week was a blur. Having a visitor at home can be my excuse but truth be told I was just getting tired with this challenge. But here are some of the things I learned all through this month

1- It was easier to dress up in the morning once I had selected all my clothes and decided how I was going to style them. I just had to remember what to wear in the morning and out the door I was. I did not have to go through my closet and search for items. It was a delight.

2- On the other hand, I hated that I had to stick to a certain amount of clothes. I would look at my closet and see clothes I never wear and suddenly missed them. Needless to say that as soon as the challenge was over, I started to grab at them.

3- If I have to do this challenge again, I will choose pieces that are more basic and easier to style. For this challenge, I wanted to wear clothes and shoes that I did find hard to style. Sometimes I succeeded in the challenge (like with my vest) and some other times it was a total  fail ( take the crocheted top. It will have to go). To top it all, I did not even manage to wear some of the items on my list like my sequin tee that I love so much.

I am thinking on doing another challenge in the future just because I am having a hard time dressing up in the morning. (Fall's quick weather change is not helping either). I am not an organized person but just by sorting clothes out, I see a kind of order in my life (and my closet). Maybe I should try doing it once a week because clearly I am bored even with 30 clothes in 30 days or less.

Have you tried this challenge yet? How was it for you?

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