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Thursday, July 21, 2011

My first blogger challenge: EBEW Nifty Thrifty

Being a housewife, I do have time on my hands. This means that I spend a lot of time on the Net checking my facebook page, some gossip pages but also my all time favorite: checking other fashion bloggers. I have a list I check on a daily basis. Something I noticed with my favorite bloggers is that they participate in many other bloggers fashion challenge. I enjoy those challenges because they let me discover other bloggers but also inspire me to try something totally different from what I am used to. But as far as I am concerned I never really participated in those challenges.
Today is different! I am submitting to the EBEW Nifty Thrifty challenge.

Here is what I wore for it:

White scarf - Gift from my Dad
White top - Outfit Outlet in Harwin
Tie Dye dress, worn as a skirt - Thrifted
Wedges - Payless
Dot flower brooch - Daiso
Hoops earrings - H&M
Necklace - Bought from my Mother in Law
Bracelet - Present from Hubby from Turkey

The first time I saw this item,  it was on the skirt rack at Ross (dress for less). I immediately wanted it but the price tag was too high even for Ross ($30). Then, I saw the same item with different colors at TJMaxx but it was still overpriced for me. (If you are new to my blog, you have to understand that I am very cheap). I did look everywhere for the skirt, but also for a cheaper price.

Then a miracle happened during a trip to my (then) local Goodwill store. I was checking the dress rack searching for a maxi dress with sleeves (I used to be obsessed with those) when my eyes met this dress. I was thrilled. I tried it on and it fitted. I was even happier to discover that I could wear this dress as a skirt. However as much as I loved the dress, it took me a while to wear it. (I am making progress but) I am still very conscious of my butt. I find it too big and I am very reluctant to expose it which this dress does to perfection. Therefore I only wore it three times with a long white tee that covers at least half of the butt. It is the perfect summer staple because it is very airy. I did find some goodies thrifting but this dress is by far my fave (until I find something else).

Acting cute
The accessories: old wedges that I barely wear and jewelry that I enjoy

The bottom of the dress is very fluid
Love putting flower pins to my scarf

How do you like me now?
Check the EBEW website and other bloggers who submitted for this challenge here
Thrift </P>
<P>Everybody, Everywear
Ps: I hate the pic I submitted. Me need a better camera.

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Meagan said...

I love that you wore that dress as a skirt. It's so pretty. If you're into thrifting, every week I host a thrifting link up on my blog. You should think about submitting something!

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