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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cover up

 Just by walking around the streets, I rediscovered something about Japanese women that I had forgotten: they are self conscious when it comes to their breasts. It is such a paradox because breasts are so commercialized in here. Women with big breasts can easily have a career as a Gravure Idols or models for men's magazines. They are the equivalent of playboy bunnies except some of them do not pose naked. However, normal Japanese girls tend to hide their breasts. It is very rare to see them wear a see through or a very low cut top. And even if they do, they always wear something underneath or over it to cover up. For example, I saw many tube maxi dresses around but never have I seen girls wearing them without a tee underneath it or a light cardigan over it. The other reason why they cover up is that during Summer, everywhere you go, they crank up the AC (from subways to office and even restaurants). Therefore, it is "safer" to wear a cardigan or tee if one does not want to catch a cold.
I reckon that I already wear some of my clothes the way Japanese girls do because I am on the modest side. But I see some styles that I would like to try such as wearing a tee over a tube dress. That should be something else.

This year's trend for covering up: wearing a lace cropped top or poncho over a maxi dress

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