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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The day before and the days after

Eid is officially over. It has been a very hot and tiring day but it was worth it when the entire family sat and shared good food and laughter. In my experience the days before and after Eid are less stressful maybe because there is not much to do. In my parents house,  the day before we do prepare the food. My Dad has done the shopping weeks before and my Mom does the prepping like cutting onions and garlic,  cleaning and marinating the chicken. This year I helped out a bit. The days after, the fridge is still filled with left over food so there is no cooking done. We just relax and welcome family or friends who come to visit.

For this relaxing day I opted to wear my newest dress, fresh from the tailor. My dad bought the fabric that I loved instantly because it reminded me of a Saree. The fabric is called "Voile"  back home and I am not sure it is 100% cotton but it is very light. I asked my tailor to make me a simple long sleeves dress with no ruffles and other add ons. He took his sweet time with it and delivered it a week late but upon seeing the result,  I did not complain. The dress itself is very simple and he used the border to make the bodice. He also added darts so the dress is very fitted, almost tight. Underneath it I have a wrap around skirt and it also comes with a matching scarf.

Dress -  tailor made
Shoes -  Westside
Earrings -  Tsutsumi Japan
Ring -  bought from my cousin years ago

I really really really like this dress. And I got compliments on it when I went out. My mom also likes it so much that she asked me if I was leaving it behind to be washed which is code word for " leave it behind so I can wear it!". But I did not fall for that so I am packing it. This baby is going back with me to India and once I get a real Saree,  I am going to reproduce it. It might even be better in pink or yellow, right?

Our vacation is coming to an end. School is about to start for my babies so it is time to head "home" to India.  Time flew by so fast. I thought six weeks would take an eternity. I did not do all the things I planned on doing but I do not stress much about it.
  Anyway our long vacation taught us many things.  The kids did settle easier into a routine. Obviously they did not have to go to school but they did many activities. Plus they were content visiting our families and finally meeting their girl cousins.  Personally I learned that coming back home would not be such a dreadful idea.  There are a lot of things we will have a hard time getting used to. But could it be worse than moving to a new country abroad with different languages and cultures? I do not think so. Therefore long vacations like these are a good way to test the waters.

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