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Monday, August 24, 2015


Hello my readers!  How are you all?

I am fine. It has been weeks now since I came back to Pune with the family. Coming back has not been easy. Everything was not as smooth but we are slowly settling back into our routine. I have to admit that I am a bit depressed. I am sure everyone feels the same way about going back "home" after a long vacation. But for me it is even worse because I am coming back to this gloomy Monsoon season. I have not seen the sun in days because it is always cloudy and rainy. I am not against the rain,  I understand the need for it all. Yet,  it comes with so much negative things like puddles, mud, dark days,  flood and so forth. Moreover, I cannot take my kids out to enjoy the playground or the pool. I myself have to think twice before going for a morning walk around the neighborhood. And the week ends are spent entirely inside eating or sleeping.

Everything was so much better back home with the sun. In fact it was hot everyday and I remember complaining about that too. And the fact that it was probably cooler back in Pune. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

The weather being what is it,  I have been dressing accordingly since I have been back. I am always in dark slacks and dark shirts. I do not wear fancy stuff and the less accessories I have on the better I feel. Furthermore I favor black and grey and it is so not me. I kind of like it because I always wanted to try a minimalist look. Yet, today I could no longer take it. I went colorful again but mind you it is still very subtle.

Denim dress -  thrifted, Chathujak week end market, Thailand
Tee -  Spar store
Pants -  A'gaci
Shoes -  thrifted, Don Don down on Wednesday,  Japan
Arm candy -  Pink city Jaipur and Vivre Japan
Ring -  Seibu Japan

Arm candy and pair ring. 
I met a Lady from Cameroon at the store today who told me that she had the same ring but that was her wedding ring. Coincidentally I bought this ring and a similar one for my husband almost 13 years ago.  

Dark red lippie 

The shoes are originally from Gap... Fyi: They are not suitable for the rain 

I bought this dress during my last trip to Thailand. I like my clothes to be a bit big and I could not resist a denim with embroidery. The dress cost me almost nothing but I did not know how to style it then. Yesterday I wore it as it was with black leggings and black jelly shoes to face the rain but today I added a bit of color with my red shoes and red lipstick. The dress was super comfy and I think I will wear it a lot this year if I find different ways to style it. How would it look with a white maxi dress for starters?

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